Alex Michaelson

Systems Administrator

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Alex joined NCR Edinburgh as a Systems Administrator, immediately after completing his B.Eng in Cybersecurity and Forensics at Edinburgh Napier University. He has found that working within systems administration has allowed for continual learning, and provided the opportunity for new experiences within the ever-changing field of IT.

NCR’s welcoming environment and highly supportive community atmosphere has made starting a career in IT a smooth and enjoyable experience. Alex is hoping to leverage his skills within scripting, networking and machine learning to gain insight into the day-to-day activities of Systems Administration. The care and consideration for the wellbeing of staff is a refreshing attitude to work to encounter, especially for a graduate.

Having emigrated to Scotland from Australia in 2011, Alex has now wholly accepted the cold and drizzle of Edinburgh. Outside of work, he is passionate about cookery, baking, travel, and videogames. Having worked on his cakes for years, Alex is now spending his free time attempting to perfect his Sourdough recipe.

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