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Software Engineer

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Andy joined NCR as a Software Engineer for Digital Insight in October 2019. Born and raised in the south of England, he relocated to Scotland from London having fallen for its stunning landscapes, its friendly people, and, most importantly, its whisky over several trips north of the wall (which he later found out is NOT the official border).

Before NCR, Andy completed a degree in Computer Science at the University of East Anglia (UEA, Norwich) and worked for two years in the space and defence industries (which he could tell you about, but then he’d have to kill you).

Andy is keen to expand his skills and believes NCR Edinburgh provides the perfect environment for fostering professional and personal growth. He thinks the 10 training days a year are a fantastic idea, and believes the Edinburgh office is the ideal place to develop his social skills due to its friendly, casual atmosphere.

Andy is currently proficient(ish) in Java and C/C++ but is looking to learn more about front-end technologies, DevOps, and API design.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys (board/computer/card) games, playing VERY amateur guitar, hiking, and is vaguely planning to take up tennis (following the footsteps of another, slightly more famous, Scottish Andy).

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