Angelos Sfakianakis

Software Engineer

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Angelo joined NCR Edinburgh as a Full Stack Software Engineer in September 2019. He is excited about programming and technology, passionate about designing and implementing useful software, and is glad to be part of such a friendly and helpful team! Angelo is comfortable with a variety of programming languages, with a preference for Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and C++; he uses Bash to get things done, but he is no Ninja. Simplicity, usability, performance, security and code quality are his main goals when writing software. Computers are always nice to work with, but Linux is his OS of choice.

NCR is home to many software teams full of clever and innovative people. It is an environment where Angelo thinks he can thrive in, contributing to the creation of exciting software products while cooperating with and learning from his teammates. He finds the office environment great and his colleagues pleasant to work with. The company also offers lots of extra-curricular activities, such as training days, hackathons and guilds for knowledge sharing.

Edinburgh is a great city; it is small, vibrant and GREEN! There is so much going on here throughout the year, so many different activities, different people and cultures mixing together. The city is an ideal photography destination, which is Angelo’s favourite hobby. He also enjoys walking, watching movies, experimenting in the kitchen, a bit of graphic design and video editing, and of course programming in his free time.

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