Callum McIntyre

Systems Administrator

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Callum recently joined NCR Edinburgh as a Systems Administrator after completing his academic journey from working through college all the way to graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a degree in BEng Computer Security & Forensics. He enjoyed the challenges put in front of him and enjoyed the satisfaction of overcoming them while maintaining the ambition to work at a top company.

Callum has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere promoted in NCR Edinburgh and particularly enjoys the company's pizza policy. He is very happy to be in the perfect work environment, one of the main reasons that he wanted to join NCR was the excitement of the growth and development opportunities.

He also enjoys the fact he always walks away learning something new. During his time at university he learned to enjoy working with Linux, networking and security making his new role within NCR very enjoyable even at the price of the early hour starts which he is almost adjusted to, nothing a free breakfast can't fix!

In his spare time, Callum likes socialising, enjoys Edinburgh pubs and sports. He is a keen golfer, enjoys watching football, was quite active back in the day but more recently likes to keep in shape by lying on the sofa watching a film or playing a game on the PS4.

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