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IT Specialist

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Casey joined NCR in February 2015 as an IT specialist contractor. Hailing originally from the wild rocky coasts and redwoods of northern California, he considers the beautiful city of Edinburgh to be a second home. Originally arriving in Edinburgh in 1998 to study at the University of Edinburgh (for only one year!) he ended up staying on in the city and completing a 5 year undergraduate masters in electrical engineering. Having an affinity for computing from a young age, programming played a large role in his masters project (statistical analysis of audio program material and modelling of audio playback hardware for design optimization) and his further electrical engineering work.

During his masters and after graduation he worked as a research and development engineer for THX (still a division of Lucasfilm when his work began). Since then he's worked as a contractor, enjoying the dynamic nature of the work, and the continuous learning it requires. NCR Edinburgh has been the latest contract, and by far the most enjoyable and positive environment in which to work and learn. Great people, great management, and a positive attitude and atmosphere make NCR Edinburgh a very rare place to work!

Outside of work Casey enjoys quite a variety of interests. From folk music (especially the songs) to jewellery crafting (chainmail, lapidary and silversmithing), walking in nature through the seasons and exploring new places, gardening (indoor and outdoor) and cooking (and eating!) good food, there are more interests and passions in and out of work than there is time!

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