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QA Engineer

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Christopher Yocum is a QA Engineer at NCR Mobile Edinburgh. He is originally from Seattle, Washington. He has a PhD in early Medieval Irish law and literature, and was a Visiting Research Fellow in the Laboratory for the Foundations of Computer Science, both at the University of Edinburgh. In his spare time, he continues to contribute research articles in the field of Celtic Studies and maintains an active interest in computer programming language techniques and technologies - especially functional programming, which he picked up at the University.

Outside of work, Chris spends his time with his wife and their cat, Perdita, with whom he likes to play numerous games including "roll-y ball", "kitty-death-from-above", "kitty-in-the-middle", and other cat-approved pastimes. He loves living in Edinburgh because the city itself is beautiful and has all the amenities of a large city while still feeling like a village. He also likes that it isn't necessary to own a car to live here.

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