Daniel Garry

Service Delivery Engineer

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Daniel joined NCR in January 2018 as a Sr Analyst working with Service Deliver for SaaS data Centre Operations. He recently relocated from Glasgow where he lived for 44 years, to Livingston.

His interest in tech started in his early teens and he subsequently studied Software Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University in the mid 90’s. Daniel did have a greater passion above Tech but being diagnosed at 15 years of age with partial colour blindness his hopes of becoming a fighter pilot with the RAF ended.

Daniel enjoy's spending time with his family, travelling and city breaks around Europe, cycling in the Scottish Countryside (although after being hit from the rear by a car a couple of years ago he hasn’t gone out as much on his bike as he used to) and reading. Daniel's favourite read recently was ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes and he can recommend it. His other great passion is football (the European proper version) and Celtic Football Club where he is a season ticket holder and attends games with his son to share in our club’s continual success (if you exclude European footy).

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