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Service Delivery Engineer

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Dave joined NCR in June 2019 as a Senior Service Delivery Engineer in SaaS Operations.

Before even graduating from Sheffield City Polytechnic in 1988, he’d started a decades-long involvement with the Unix operating system, which he’s since supported, implemented, contributed to, developed upon, and even taught. His career has drifted into consultancy and design from time to time, but he gets twitchy without typing a command prompt regularly.

Tiring of migrating legacy systems, he’s recently refreshed his toolset and become certified in Linux, Ansible and cloud technologies. After years putting up with laborious and inflexible environments, the new world of elasticity and automation feels like paradise to Dave; especially since he can dust off his scripting and programming skills again. NCR seemed the right place to put all this to use, and since joining, he has been relieved to find a blend of the best from each of the corporate and start-up cultures he’s previously worked in.

Arriving at NCR to find Kittle Yards full of other people who run, practice yoga and meditate made Dave feel as though he’d come home. Indeed, after he moved to Edinburgh in 1996, home for many years was a stone’s throw away from the office.

When he isn’t running around the city’s miles of disused railways, in preparation for fourteen marathons to date, he’s a back-room political campaigner, and relaxes by cooking or practicing for his next piano exam. He used to write a monthly column in Doctor Who Magazine.

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