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Operations Manager

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Donald joined NCR Edinburgh in the role of Senior Operations Manager in June 2015 and has responsibility for leading the newly formed Operations Team who provide DevOps, Sysadmin, Networking and DBA support for Digital Insight products.

The journey in IT and ultimately to NCR probably started with hours spent in John Menzies, inputting BASIC into a variety of 1980s computers to produce "interesting" output onto the attached screens. This led to many more happy hours on the Dragon 32, Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 before his path took a drastic detour, studying Scottish History at Glasgow University, followed by several years travelling the world and working in the travel industry. Eventually Donald decided to come back to his spiritual roots and embarked on a "proper" career, initially as an Oracle DBA and Unix systems administrator before moving into more technical management roles.

So far he has found the positive atmosphere in NCR Edinburgh a breath of fresh air, but his wife is getting very concerned by the amount of pizza that he is now consuming and what this is going to mean for his ongoing health!

Donald enjoys football (faithfully following his beloved St Johnstone), tennis and has a fine collection of rare 1990s hip hop on vinyl. This lives in the attic these days however, as all his time is happily spent in the company of his wife and two children, whilst also slowly renovating his home – or trying to catch up on the resulting sleep deprivation!

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