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Engineering Manager

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Ewan has been with NCR as a Software Engineer since August 2013 and has worked on a variety of projects including eMCD (Enhanced Mobile Check Deposit) and NCR Connections. He was originally hired as a Java server engineer but has branched out to working with a variety of additional technologies like Angular JS, Android, GWT, COM and C++. Ewan is interested in using front end technologies, has an interest in HCI and is passionate about net neutrality and Internet freedoms.

The ethos at NCR has allowed Ewan the opportunity to work with new technologies. Ewan also enjoys the flexibility offered by flexitime, which allows him to be more effective in his role.

Outside of work, Ewan has a variety of interests. He's played guitar for 15 years and drums for four. He plays drums in a local metal band who hope to play their first set of gigs this year in the various music venues in Edinburgh. When not annihilating the drum kit, Ewan enjoys playing badminton and squash.

Like everyone under the sun, Ewan enjoys watching TV. His favourite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and South Park. He also plays computer games from time to time. Supreme Commander, Final Fantasy, Unreal Tournament and the Star Wars Jedi Knight series feature heavily. He hopes to one day get through his games backlog and finally crack open the Orange Box.

Ewan is passionate about NFL and supports the Denver Broncos. He doesn't want to talk about the 2014 Superbowl loss and is hopeful that the Broncos can win the Superbowl this year.

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