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Fulvio (not Fabio or Volvo) joined NCR Edinburgh in October 2014 as a software engineer and currently works on Promotion Suite, helping banks get their campaigns and communications to their customers. His previous background was mostly with the JVM, but has been expanding his skillset at NCR by picking up modern JavaScript development and purely-functional Scala. He took an interest in NCR Edinburgh because it meant a chance to work with and learn from highly-skilled peers in a relaxed environment in a beautiful city.

Fulvio (not Fred or Fulvis) owes his unusual (even by Italian standards) name and indeed his entire existence to his parents, Italian migrants who met in Glasgow after his dad nearly ran his mum over (long story). We're not sure to what he owes his interest in programming and technology, but perhaps it stems from playing a cousin's Sega Megadrive (Genesis, for the North Americans out there) when he was four. Things definitely took an interesting turn when, in response to being taught Visual Basic 6 (ugh) in high school, he picked up Lua to write interface mods for pre-expansion-era World of Warcraft. Months later, after over 50,000 downloads of his mods, he quit the game because he spent more time coding for it than actually playing it.

Outside work, she enjoys dancing and cooking. She likFulvio's (not Fluid's, not Flavio's, and definitely not Flenio's) myriad superpowers include puzzling colleagues and guests alike with his West of Scotland accent, inventing new expletives when things go wrong in Mario Kart, pronouncing "portal" wrong and being unfathomably easy to wind up.

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