Guangjie Feng

Software Engineer

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Guangjie joined NCR in May 2019 as a big data software engineer, working with the Data Platform team in Digital Insight. He has experience in many roles including; computational fluid dynamics, bioinformatics, real-time traffic monitoring, satellite navigation, cloud computing orchestrator, indoor positioning and VR video processing. Guangjie’s academic background includes mathematics, computing and internal combustion engines. He moved to Edinburgh from Brighton for a role visualising 3D anatomy, and managing a 22 stage mouse full gene expression project.

He crossed over from Apple II to cloud computing and can build and manage Google Cloud platform. He speaks Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese. With a computer, he speaks Java*, C*, B* and P*. He really wants to give Go a go.

On a nice day, Guangjie enjoys cycling to work. He also enjoys DIY; both inside and outside! Whether its the car, boiler, cooker, flooring, refurbishments, or the computer, he will give it a go. He’ll even pitch in and help his friends and neighbours. In the last 5 years, he’s spent many holidays and weekends taking his kids to ski and skating training and competitions.

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