Harry Erskine

Systems Administrator

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Harry joined NCR Edinburgh in June 2019 as a Systems Administrator following a degree in Cyber Security and Forensics degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

NCR’s welcoming environment and highly supportive community atmosphere has made starting a career in IT a smooth and enjoyable experience. Having transitioned from over 2 years working in retail; he’s still getting flashbacks of Black Friday. Hopefully they pass soon so he can leave that life behind and continue to use his skills developed at university to further his career at NCR.

Harry is originally from Falkirk. However, he has been staying in Edinburgh for the last four years for work & university. In his free time, he enjoys climbing and looking into the weird side of fashion; with his favorite designer being a big advocate for books, sandwiches and passports. Honestly, he isn’t as miserable as he looks in his picture.

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