James Bennet

Platform Engineer

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James has always had a love of technology - Indeed, his first experience with programming came while at primary school, were he began learning to code in Visual Basic 5. This passion never faded and James went on to study Applied Computing at Dundee University, graduating in 2012, and had since spent a number of years working as a full-stack software engineer based in England.

In October 2015 he finally returned north of the border to join the Digital Insight team at NCR Edinburgh as a Platform Engineer working in DevOps.

James has rapidly fallen in love with Edinburgh as a city, thanks to its vibrant culture, and great selection of pubs - He enjoys spending his weekends exploring Scotland (Pictured here beside Loch Lomond).

Since joining NCR, he is looking forward to the many learning opportunities that are available, and the great working environment. His waistline however, is less approving of the company's generous pizza and breakfast policies!

Outside of work, James has a love of high-fidelity music and enjoys homebrewing, hamsters, and playing boardgames. James is also passionate about technology (Particularly platforms such as Arduino and RaspberryPi) and is involved with Linux and open source via the Debian project.

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