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iOS Developer

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Jean studied bacteria and then ran clinical trials - the boring data side, not the fun, gross side - for years before realising that building apps, not status reports, was her calling. She dropped everything, moved to Glasgow and emerged a year later - slightly bruised but not broken - from an intense MSc. in Software Development. She moved to Edinburgh and quickly fell in love with the city; in particular the food which, thankfully, isn’t all deep fried.

Previously specialising in Android, Jean has now succumbed to the other side, and taken the plunge into iOS development. Whether it’s a move into the dark, or light, she’s not sure, but thinks her perception may be skewed by caffeine intake, or number of times Xcode has crashed that morning. She was drawn to NCR by the supportive, learning focused environment, and can’t wait to use some of her training days to get cracking on the //TODO list of shiny things she wants to play with.

Outside of work, Jean spends the majority of her time eating and playing roller derby - a fast paced, full contact sport, played on skates - with Auld Reekie Roller Girls, the local Edinburgh league.

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