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Software Engineer

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Jonathan (Jon) joined NCR Edinburgh in March 2017 as a software engineer. His role at NCR Edinburgh will see him utilise and expand his full stack technology skillset as he works to develop the Connections SDK and Connections Builder. While formal education through the University of Greenwich provided key knowledge on server-side technology, curiosity lead him to learn and work with client-side technology. Now at NCR, he hopes to use his skills on both server- and client-side technology as a full stack developer. NCR Edinburgh appeals to the student in Jon, as NCR provides opportunity and encourages self-improvement and continual learning through a combination of study days, technology conferences and code fests.

Jon's interests have always been in technology; Growing up he was a keen gamer, mostly having been brought up through the PS1 and Nintendo 64 era. While game development was a career he had considered, the larger application and wider academic coverage of software engineering appealed much more. Jon continues this interest through his GitHub page, where he develops small side projects with the aim of getting to grips with different technologies, and assessing them in a practical application.

Gaming still takes a a significant position as a hobby; The most major of games being Dark Souls and Overwatch. Indie games fail to impress him on a regular basis, though there are some exceptions such as Darkest Dungeon. When not gaming other hobbies include learning about Scottish culture (having grown up in and around London), catching up on the Premier League, and annoying his friends however he can.

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