Julia Marin De Las Heras

Product Architect

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Julia moved from her home town of Valencia to Scotland 7 years ago. She doesn't have a favourite place in Scotland, but loves the west coast. She still has many places to see though: Tiree, Outer Hebrides ...

She joined the NCR Edinburgh team as a Software Engineer. What she likes the most about working in NCR is having the opportunity to learn from all the people who work here, there is a disproportionately high density of clever people per square meter!

In her spare time she really enjoys eating, drinking, and having fun with friends. She is also trying to learn japanese.

Her favourite things to do in Edinburgh are watching films at the FilmHouse, singing songs and drinking whisky in The Royal Oak and dancing in The Bongo Club (depending on the night, sometimes it's rubbish).

Her ambitions are to be happy, to travel around the world and to make it home from work alive on her new bike.

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