Marc Codera

Service Delivery Engineer

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Barcelona born Marc started his IT journey in 2000, working as a Helpdesk Technician while studying a degree in IT Systems Engineering. Soon he discovered systems administration and switched to that position.

Marc has shown his commitment to learning by recently completing courses in Full Stack Web Development and introduction to DevOps architecture. He realised that he would love to work in this field and joined our Service Delivery Team.

Marc is always looking to get out of his comfort zone, that’s why he moved to Edinburgh. He also expected better weather here, what a fool!

He loves the outdoors, and activities such as running, hiking, climbing and sometimes sailing. He tries to surf some waves, but currently falls foul of the law of gravity. Marc is a keen traveler who loves exploring local cultures. He used to participate in Castells, a Catalan tradition which consists of climbing on other people’s shoulders to form a human tower. Yeah, he’s a weird guy…

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