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Data Engineer

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Nagavaibhav completed Engineering in Computer Science nearly a decade ago. In 2016, he completed a Masters in Data Analytics from BITS Pilani in India.

Nagavaibhav joined NCR in December as a Data Engineer, and is excited to work with the amazing people around him. He attributes the work-life balance at NCR, with an emphasis on building a personality, to the Agile development methodology that is followed religiously throughout the office.

Ever since Nagavaibhav has been using computers, he has tried to make more sense out of data. No wonder he is in a DW-BI field, carrying out different roles (Tool based reporting, Data Integration, Data Migration, Ad-hoc Reporting). He is mesmerized by the endless usage of excel spreadsheets (he cannot survive without it!). Real-time reporting is an area he is looking forward to exploring.

Nagavaibhav is amazed by the enthusiasm and dedication of his colleagues to Yoga, something that NCR offers employees a chance to take part in during working hours. NCR Edinburgh is a cycle friendly employer, so he finds it very convenient to come to the office by cycle, even in rough weather! Best of all, the coffee, tea, cereal & fruits keep him motivated at work.

He enjoys walking in picturesque Edinburgh and the fact that Edinburgh has such a great transport system. He finds himself often travelling for hours on Lothian Buses exploring more of the City.

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