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Build Manager

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Nick joined NCR at the end of March 2014 as a Build Manager, having worked for more than a decade in the IT and banking industry in Greece. He is a strong supporter of the Open Source/Free Software movement, and has been a member of the Hellenic Linux Users Group since 1999. Besides holding MSc in Information Technology, he also has an MSc in Agricultural Science, so he enjoys working with plants and their environment just as much as with technology.

Besides his two 'official' areas of interest, Nick is also a huge fan of movies, music and reading (including sci-fi and fantasy novels and comics). He's also a fountain pen enthusiast and a motorcycle lover.

His current role in NCR involves the automation of the creation of virtual machine images used both for testing and deployment by the various developer teams. Systems automation is of crucial importance to any company in order to provide quality of service, and Nick is thrilled to have the opportunity to work in this field. Outside of the office, Nick loves to hang out with his friends, preferably in a remote and beautiful spot next to his bike. Scotland seems to have an abundance of such places, and Nick plans to do his best to explore them all.

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