Rafael Adrona

Systems Administrator

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Rafa Joined the NCR Edinburgh Digital Insight team in January 2016 as a Senior Systems Administrator working in DevOps.

After obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications, he started work at a small computer company in his home city, Murcia. Years later, he embarked on an opportunity to work outside Spain which led him, ultimately, to NCR. Joining a company with such a nice culture in a city like Edinburgh was an offer he couldn't refuse!

Rafa is very passionate about anything related to Linux and he often reminds us "... because a server is a terrible thing to waste with other Operating Systems."

Currently, he is studying for his Red Hat Certified Architect certificate, a goal he set himself more than a year ago while deciding what to do with his life and, with the advantages NCR offers, he is sure to succeed!

In his spare time he really enjoys eating, drinking, going to the gym, watching movies and TV shows, playing videogames, going to concerts and having fun with friends... He also has the unhealthy habit of meddling with computers, which he totally shouldn't be doing... but passion is what fuels us all!

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