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Scrum Master

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Victoria started work at NCR as an administrative assistant, but after some pestering of the right people, secured a job as a technical writer. What does that mean? She writes the user manuals and guides so that people know where to click or what to do. It’s also known as translating geek-speak into plain English (or French, or Spanish, or Portuguese!).

A biologist by training, she still likes to be connected to the natural world. She is extremely interested in environmental education, which mostly means pointing out odd-looking insects to friends and family and telling them all about their life cycle. She does the same with fish.

She has found NCR Edinburgh to be a great collection of people, from a surprising number of backgrounds and countries. She can count on them to always make lunchtime conversations entertaining, or at least loud, when Rocket League is being played.

Not from Edinburgh originally, Victoria has settled in and enjoys the beautiful, vibrant city, which always has plenty to see and do. It also has good access to hills which Victoria is looking forward to hike up in the near future!

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