Wojciech Zadlo

Software Engineer

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Wojciech joined NCR in June 2019 as a Software Engineer for the Promotion Suite team. Since moving to Edinburgh and has been captivated by the enchanting city and beautiful Scottish scenery. Before joining NCR, he worked mostly with Java technologies, but now he is looking forward to embracing functional programming and learning modern web frameworks.

Wojciech greatly enjoys his job at NCR thanks to the positive, relaxed attitude in the workplace. He is delighted to be part of such a diverse working environment, full of talented people with highly distinctive backgrounds and a shared passion for technology.

In his free time, Wojciech is mainly interested in various physical activities, trying to compensate for long hours spent in front of a screen. He loves to play football, walk, run, hike, cycle, exercise and all other forms of movement. Fortunately, while living in Scotland, he can profit from many breathtaking green spaces, which are just waiting to be explored.

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