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Senior Engineer Manager

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NCR Edinburgh aim to be one of the leading software development companies in the country and senior management back this progressive, ambitious attitude through investment in tools, learning and knowledge acquisition, providing a creative environment and hiring the best development staff possible. Richard has read about places like this for years and is excited to have found one that does walk the talk. As a senior dev Richard started taking on Project Management responsibility, progressing quickly to team lead and then development manager at a small-medium sized company.

Richard sees his role as removing the barriers that prevent talented development teams doing what they are good at. Richard has seen the tour de force that small, co-located, cross functional and motivated teams can prove and is interested in learning more about how to scale this using Agile and Lean methodology. NCR Edinburgh have adopted the squads/ tribes approach pioneered by Spotify and there is an exciting buzz in the office as new practices are discovered and developed.

Richard moved to Edinburgh to study from his native Buckie, a fishing town on the NE coast. Edinburgh is slightly bigger than Buckie so can offer moderately more cultural opportunity and diversity but even with all the good restaurants it can’t compete on fresh seafood. Edinburgh does have a couple of famous landmarks to equal Buckie's Fishermans hall and town square and you can access countryside proper really quickly from the city but if you want to hear native doric speakers - you have to make the trip North.

Richard loves motorcycles, driving cross country in the US and was sure he was the boss in his relationship with the lovely Sian. Clearly he's deluded since his Suzuki SV is in his uncles garage and has been there since the confirmation that Xander was going to arrive! Richard is oldish to have little kids but Bella and Xander are the joy of his life and he’s always banging on about advice for any youngsters so if you’re reading this he’d want to pass on that wisdom… Have kids, have them early and then have a few more they are excellent craic.

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