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Serena joined NCR in October 2017 as an Agile Coach for the Promotion Suite team. Prior to that she worked as Software Engineer and Scrum Master in several companies in Cambridge.

Serena studied Software Engineering in Italy, and her combined interest for geekiness and social psychology make her love her job. She is very proud of her past contributions as developer in the gaming industry, having been credited in a couple of known games, but it is as Scrum Master that she really found her calling.

After a brief Scottish experience in Dundee and 7 years working in Cambridge, Serena landed in Edinburgh. The uncontainable energy and impressive focus on learning and personal improvement that NCR Edinburgh offers has impressed Serena beyond her expectations, and she is particularly attracted by the many initiatives to encourage public speaking and by the employee empowerment culture.

When home Serena spends 99% of her free time playing; she hunts for indie games and is attracted by new quirky ideas in the gaming scene more than by big established IPs and she loves getting lost in the memories of the graphic adventures of the 90s. When not playing videogames, Serena loves buying and learning new board games, casually playing drums and playing football.

Even though Serena comes originally from Sicily, she doesn’t fear the Scottish weather. Serena loves the beauty of the obliquus sun rays so characteristic of Scotland, no matter if they are not that warm! Edinburgh mix of hills and seaside reminds her of home and she is excited to have moved here with her partner and started this new life chapter.

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