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Digital Banking

The Digital Insight (DI) group within NCR develops a range of digital banking solutions to help financial institutions better serve their customers.

These services range from white-label online banking systems and mobile banking apps through reward schemes, financial planning, tax return assistance and more; all of which can be combined into a full Digital Banking Platform.

The team in Edinburgh is focused on a few key areas within this ecosystem:
  • Financial Services Gateway (FSG) routes internal client requests to services and endpoints including validation, audit logging, authorisation and authentication
  • Data Platform (DP) captures & transforms real time Digital Banking logging and transaction data using Big Data technologies to provide our financial institutions’ customer insights and analytics
  • Promotion Suite (PS) gives financial institutions control over the creation and management of their marketing campaigns across all of their online banking services
  • Operations (Ops), who do what ops do and heroically keep the transactions flowing day in, day out