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NCR Connections enables the rapid creation of self service applications using rich web technologies and their immediate deployment to terminals and kiosks around the globe. Connections' applications can be developed using an intuitive graphical tool or with a sophisticated Software Development Kit (SDK).

Once the service has been created, it can be made available so that someone using an ATM in Edinburgh during the Festival will see a customised set of services specific to them, their preferences and their location.

The Connections core product is being designed and developed in Edinburgh and is deployed internationally allowing us to draw together NCR's global talent base; solution managers, business analysts, user interface designers, software engineers, quality assurance, build and deployment specialists.

Connections provides a personalised but simple and intuitive interface for its users which requires it to address some technologically complex and diverse challenges. To meet these challenges, the Edinburgh team has to be constantly aware of and open to new developments in software engineering practices and technologies. We run an agile development environment and are constantly seeking to improve both the software we build and how we build it. Our technology stack is chosen by the development team itself and includes Enterprise Java, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and Node.js and we build and deploy on Linux and Windows virtual environments.