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Mobile Banking

Allowing customers to arrange their finances anywhere, anytime, with a bank branch in their pocket.

A small but growing team within the Digital Banking portfolio in Edinburgh, the Mobile Banking team work with our colleagues in the US to develop and support a mobile banking app that:

Helping customers manage their finances; serving out geosensitive marketing; and withdrawing cash from an ATM via app without a card are all problems the Edinburgh mobile team have tackled across iOS and Android in Java, Objective-C, and Swift.

The team in Edinburgh is focused on a few key areas within this ecosystem:
  • Has been downloaded 6.5 million times
  • Is trusted by 586 Financial Institutions
  • Occupies 6 slots of the 10 highest rated mobile banking apps in the US (as of December 2017)
  • Processes the payment of 1.8 million bills monthly